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this is a private page for photography. Originally this page was a travel-site which long time was unused. Now it is changed into a photo-site with lots of photography of all kinds.

I do have an Olympus SP-800UZ which is a compact camera but with a great zoom and a real great program integrated. I am still learning to use it - unfortunately in the moment I don't have much time to study it more.

I take my photos just when I have a walk, I am in a new place, when hopefully soon on holidays or also photo-shootings with my beautiful cat Moony. He is super-photogenic!

If you like Ireland and you are interested in watching them have a look on my second page There are a lot of photos too...

With the navigation-bar on the top you can go into the gallery and browse around. If you like the photos or if for any reason you want to have one feel free to contact me via e-mail any time.

Hope you will enjoy my little world how I see it.

Have fun!

Gorilla Pod

When I found this for the first time it was because I had to write an article about something technical or of any interest in photography. I read about it in an Italian magazine. I was immediately surprised about its geniality. When I bought my new camera I had also a look for this practical little stator.

And I found two types: one for the small digital compact cameras and one for the bigger, heavier ones. I took the second because I wanted to be sure to have a good 'grip' when hanging my camera on the gorilla in a tree.


Places where I have been for holidays or lived Make yours @

Make yours @

 And I can tell: it is a great thing! Easy to transport, easy to put everywhere one needs a firm support and small and light enough to put in any backpacker bag. Don't miss to have at least a look. You will enjoy it especially on a trip!





Last uploaded: 10/17/11


Munich, Germany


Munich, Germany


Munich, Germany



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