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Me in Mexico, La Venta at Villahermosa



my name is Heidi and I am a German born but lived most of my life out of the country. Most of the time I spent in Italy where I feel I belong to. The place is called Ischia in the bay of Naples and it is a lovely place where to live. I worked as a tourist guide for all the time there, spent half a year in Mallorca, Spain, before going to Istanbul, Turkey. It was a love story to bring me there. The years I didn't work - sounds great but was all but that. I took the time o learn more about computers, a little bit how to do web-sites and things like that.

That it happened that my then boy-friend had to go to live in a country where I absolutely didn't want to go and the same time my mother started to be sick. I had to go to Germany to stay over half a year with her before going to Ireland where I hoped to find work in the tourism sector.

But things went different and I had to find an independent work and I started the carrier as an online writer for webmasters. My mother was always worst, I started to go and come and currently my mother is in a home. Alzheimer is a very brutal thing I would not wish to my enemy - I don't have any I hope!

I love to travel, I speak naturally Italian, English and German and I love animals. I had 12 and a half years the most beautiful dog one could wish, Shiuba, my big, big love. In Turkey I lived in certain times with 7 animals but all that remains is Moony, my little big love. He is special not only for me but is attitudes are different to other cats. He loves e. g. dogs instead of cats, walks with me along the fields, opens doors in both directions and is a talker.

My last holiday was in Mexico, now 10 years ago. I staid 2 months nearly. It was the best holiday I ever had. I plan another holiday as soon as my mother is in a good condition and all things sorted out.

On the left you see a few pictures about me. The last one is another hobby: I love to paint and do these paintings in the house... instead of hanging pictures.

Hope you enjoy this page - home made and for sure can be done much better. And I will work at it anytime I have some of that precious time.

Wish you all the best





Sciuba and me in Mallorca, Spain


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