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this is my photo gallery where you can find my photos all in categories. To every category you will find a short text just to introduce you into what you can expect behind it.

Most of the photos are done with my Olympus SP-800UZ. The pictures of Istanbul as well as early pictures of Moony are done with a Kodak EasyShare C300.

The quality of my photos is not all the time the best, sometimes it is just because I wanted to get the moment, the Kodak is not the best for all kinds of shots or it is because I am still learning my new camera. But all the pictures you will see here are mine.

I will update the photos every time I have a new one. So it would be good to come in from time to time and have a look what is new. You can see the last updates on the main page.

And again: if you have any suggestion or comment you want to tell me please send me an e-mail.

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Photography on the beach

On the beach

I love to walk on the beach, breath deeply the air and feel the power of the ocean. The sun on the skin in summer, the wind in winter time - that gives a big feeling of freedom. Lots of things can be found on the beach, beautiful stones, sea animals, sometimes rubbish as well and the waves in their move are fascinating. I try to see all of it and capture them in a picture... only to discover at home on the desktop the real beauty of things I saw just for a short moment.




Animals are our best friends. They never do anything to harm us, they just react on instinct and to protect, themselves, their family. In the nature they are so beautiful, so amazingly clever and intelligent. If one observes them with patience and interest it is easy to fall in love with all the creatures in the wildlife. Unfortunately most of humans don't see them as equals but 'something disturbing or necessary'. But they are full of grace and amazing surprises.

Animal Photography

Flowers and plants Photography

Flowers and Plants

Here we are: flowers have a beauty many can see, they love their colours, the scent or just the way they grow. But many plants are also unseen, they call them weed, unnecessary little plants to spray on with poison that kills all the animals that live from this weed... and the weed itself as well of course. But they are incredibly strong, they come out everywhere again, can survive sometimes for years and then suddenly cover a whole ground. I am always surprised by them. Oh, and I love of course gardening!



Moony was born in our family the 26th March 2006, one of four kittens. He was poisoned when he was four months, had a car crash when he was seven months and lost out there twice, once in the city of Rome and once here in the 'wilderness' of Ireland. He all survived, I always found him again, never he had to worry about being abandoned. He was my only little man since Sciuba passed the rainbow bridge. He died after a long battle against an unknown illness with only 4,5 years on 18th January 20011.

Moony in Photography

Food Photography


Can you imagine to live in Italy and not to fall for food? Don't think so. I grew up in Germany where I never had a salad, a glass of wine or loved particularly food. Since I lived more than 25 years in Italy I am a food junky. I love to cook, I love to try out everything and I love to have a beautiful dinner with friends, a lot of different food and wine. When I am out, holidays or in a country where I have friends, I try to experience all kinds of food, traditionally made, and never look for a pizza in Mexico or a German beer in Asia.



I am honestly not a real human 'liker'. But I confess I never observed them more than necessary. So with my camera I started to observe one day my mom, 89 years old, sitting in front of me and smoking a cigarette. I saw her suddenly different, took a shot of her and was amazed by what came out. So I thought it would be good to have a better look at people in future and maybe I will see things I haven't seen before. My mom died peacefully at 5.30 a.m. the 17th October 2010, just 2 weeks before her 90th birthday. Outside the first frost.

People Photography

Weather Photography


If one doesn't know what to talk about the weather comes. Old people always think about the weather like also farmers are talking in 'weather terms'. It can be a great feeling to listen to the rain and storm outside when sitting inside in a dry and warm place. It can be great to see a sky, dark and powerful and in that moment the light comes through and a rainbow is painting brilliant colours on the dark background. Observing the weather can be a very interesting thing.



This is the place where all things find a home that don't fit in other categories. Here one can find a detail of a motor of a Harley Davidson as well as an old door or my newest espresso cup. It is a great mixture of everything and a lot of photos just 'to try out' a composition.


Things Photography

Travemünde, Germany

Travemünde, Germany

This is the place where my mom lived, where I lived with her for most of my childhood and youth before going to Italy. I re-discovered this little place in the last years I have been there so often to assist my mom. I like it, not for living but for visiting it is a great place. The nearby historical Lübeck is a bigger city where to go for more 'activities of modern life'. Beautiful in summer to drive along the sea, through little villages in the country-side and to breath the scent of rape.



Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck is a historical town, once an important Hanseatic city. Today it has around 200.000 inhabitants with all the surrounding areas, Travemünde included. It has a beautiful old town. Lübeck is famous especially through Thomas Mann and his book 'The Buddenbrooks'. The house of that family - and a museum - one can find in the city centre. Also famous is the marzipan, called 'Lübecker Marzipan', exported in all the world. The city has an own small airport, the nearest bigger one is Hamburg, only 60 kilometres far and easy to reach by bus, car and train.

Lübeck, Germany

Danish flag


Denmark is one of the northern countries that is situated on the European mainland but is also very similar to Sweden and Norvey. It has a lot of history of the northern region in Germany - Schleswig-Holstein - which has been once Danish.

The fotos of Denmark are mainly from Viborg, the North Sea and the farest place in the north, Skagen, which is also a place for famous artists.



Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary is an ancient place in the today Czech Republic where once kings and aristocratic tried to relax, to cure their illnesses and to get healthy with the hot water springs. It is only 25 km from the German border and really easy to go to by car. I was there to visit just for a few days a friend of mine, she was there for a three weeks spa with a lot of doing every day plus a diet. Nothing for me. But we had a nice time, have been one day to Mariánské Lázně which s another 45 km far. I liked the architecture, the atmosphere. Anytime again!

Karlsbad, Czech Republic

Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Munich is a great city - of course I knew that. But it is much more cosmopolitan than I remembered it many years ago. I was there only for three days to visit a friend of mine from Turkey. We were walking every day for more than 8 hours, visiting a Japanese fashion exhibition, the English Garden, getting a view from the tower of the Frauenkirche and the TV-Tower at the Olympic Center, had a wow-moment in the BMW-Center and a lot of fun in the big shopping-centers. With 30°C and sun it was one of the best visits in the last time.



Graz, Austria

Visiting a great long-time friend, I have known a beautiful city and region in Austria. Styria is a beautiful, greenish region in the southeast of the country. We have been in many places in the few days I have been there. Have seen castles and museums, tried the great 'Kürbiskernöl' (pumpkin seed oil) which has a really very special taste. I would like to return as soon as possible.

Graz, Styria, Austria

California, USA

California, USA

After 10 years I finally had some holidays. I were visiting a real beautiful friend in Santa Barbara, California. I had a really great time, have been to San Diego to her daughters and son, visiting wonderful friends of hers in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. I can't remember when I have been so well the last time. Thanks to you all, you are really great and I hope to see you all very soon again.